Life Enrichment, Growth & Wellness Plans 

At Absaroka Senior Living, we believe that elderhood is the crescendo of a lifetime. We have created an environment that supports a person-centered, elder-directed environment where we encourage each person to be their very best self. Resident council meetings provide an avenue to develop programs suited for all residents. The Absaroka residents, lead-ership and our care team work and play together with passion, purpose and a vision for personal growth. 

life enrichment and activities at absaroka senior living

Some of our community activities include:

  • Scenic Bus Rides 
  • M-F Exercise Classes to include T’ai Chi for Balance 
  • Community Outings—Museums, Theatre, Entertainment 
  • Painting and Mixed Media Classes 
  • Card Games—Bingo—Puzzles 
  • Creative Art Programs—Music 
  • Downtown Diners 
  • A Taste of Travel 
  • Picnics—BBQ’s 
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