Dining Services

Delicious, Nutritional Meals 

Dining is just one aspect of Absaroka’s Health and Wellness program. Dining together promotes social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical health and well-being. Our dining services Director and Team provide a constantly changing menu that features fresh, high-quality ingredients, mostly prepared from scratch. From normal mealtimes to food demonstrations, all-day dining options, and large family and community events, Absaroka is dedicated to serving you. 

Breakfast begins with a friendly “good morning”, a homestyle breakfast menu, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and friends gathering around the table. 

Our noon and evening meals include a variety of nutritious, delicious choices to suit every palate and dietary need. A changing seasonal variety of ala carte items, an occasional self-service buffet, an outdoor BBQ or picnic contribute to the healing medicine of food, fellowship and building friendships. 

At Absaroka, we believe a healthy diet is the focal point of personal wellness.