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Wyoming Assisted Living Requirements & Care Levels

Wyoming Admission Requirements: 

Wyoming state admission requirements for assisted living center around three key components. A personal interview, assessment and physician report is important to determine if our community is a good fit. Our priority is to maintain resident independence and well-being. We focus on the strengths, abilities, health, and social goals of each individual to encourage purposeful living. 

  • Ambulation: The individual must be able to move from “Point A to Point B”. The use of a cane, walker, wheelchair, or motorized scooter is allowed. If using a wheelchair, the residents need to self-propel the chair to move about their apartment and the community. Occasional assistance, in the case of an emergency, is allowed. 
  • Continence: Incontinence can be a part of the aging process. The individual must be able to provide self-care if they have incontinence. We offer reminders and can order protective wear for the individual or they can provide their own. We do not provide what is called peri-care, meaning consistent daily care for incontinence issues. 
  • Cognition: The resident cognitive well-being cannot be so severe that they are a danger to themselves or a danger to others (including pets) or causing disruptions in common areas. Wyoming assisted living does not offer a lock-down option or care for severe cognitive decline. While many residents have memory issues, the level of care we provide is within our assisted living state regulations.  

Levels of Care: 

Absaroka is able to provide care services beyond our basic rate package. The additional care and cost for the care is determined during the assessment and receipt of physician orders/directives. We pride ourselves in providing services that enhance a resident’s health and well-being. Examples of services may include, but are not limited to, medication management, stand-by shower assist, dress assist and reminders. 

Levels of care are customized to the individual and are reviewed on a regular basis with the clinical team, the resident and/or family. When cares advance beyond our Wyoming Assisted Living Regulations, we will discuss go forward options that may include family employed care givers that work one-on-one with the resident, hospice assisted living services, or a consultation with our leadership team to relocate the resident to an appropriate care facility.